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After 8 years I finally get to see this face. #highschoolfriends #reunion #instagood

After 8 years I finally get to see this face. #highschoolfriends #reunion #instagood


Sailor Senshi by Archie-The-RedCat

Hello there! #dog #pet #instagood #instapets #cute

Hello there! #dog #pet #instagood #instapets #cute

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Sailor Moons by qMargot

Sailor Moon | Manga / Classic Anime / Crystal

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Rei Hino will be the death of me. These scenes with her will just NOT STOP COMING.

So, Ami suggests that Rei try out the Sailor V game, but Rei is a bit apprehensive because she’s never played a video game before. Ami coaches Rei through the game, allowing her to beat it. Overcome with excitement, Rei high-fives Ami.

However, she then gets self-conscious. Remember, this is a girl who has spent the majority of her life with no one to depend on or spend time with except for her grandfather and Phobos and Deimos, her two crows. So of course she’s self-conscious about one of her first outings with her new friends. Of course she’s probably worrying about what to do and say in this completely alien situation; who wouldn’t be? 

But once she goes with her feelings, she finds that everything will be alright. Being with Usagi and Ami is just so easy, she doesn’t have to worry about keeping up the front of an aloof and mysterious lady. She can do and say whatever she wants and these girls will still stand by her.

That “thanks, Ami-chan!” probably has to do with a lot more than just beating the game.





What really makes this entire scene is just how happy Rei is. Every single word is filled with amazement and excitement. She’s amazed and excited about Ami, the kind genius and one of her first real friends. She’s amazed and excited about being in an arcade, about all of the great games she thought she’d never play because she had no one to play with.

And then OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS, LOOK AT THE WAY SHE REACTS TO USAGI’S DETENTION. There’s no “Sheesh, what an idiot!” or “She’s so irresponsible!” (of course, I’ll always miss hearing those words, but I digress), there’s just a tired smile and an affectionate “That’s so her!”

So what I’m saying is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like Crystal!Rei.

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